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Architectural Polymers

Architectural Polymers has been a leader and innovator in the concrete form and fabrication industry for 30 years, offering concrete solutions to meet the individual needs of your pre-cast, tilt-up, and cast-in-place construction projects. We develop a vast array of innovative methods that offer a superior solution to traditional brickwork and masonry, benefiting the architectural community. Applications range from high quality concrete form liner molds for decorative concrete art on North America’s highways to custom manufacturing thin brick inlay systems to clad schools, hospitals, commercial office buildings, condominiums, and parking decks. At Architectural Polymers, we thrive on finding cost-effective
solutions resulting in beautiful, decorative concrete structures.






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Architectural Polymers offers quality products that offer an advanced solution to traditional brickwork and masonry while offering an environmentally superior construction process. Get more details below and discover how you can utilize our innovative Versa-brix® brick inlay systems with thin brick offerings, concrete form liners, concert art, photo engraved form liners, and concrete stain on your next pre-cast, tilt-up and cast-in-place project.

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Spaghetti Bowl, Reno SBX

LEAD ARchitect Horrocks Engineers
Precaster High Concrete Group, LLC
Completed Late 2022

I-95 Philadelphia, PA

The T-WALL retaining wall shown is located between E. Ann Street and E. Allegheny Avenue on the Delaware River side of I-95. The 3-D wave pattern with ghost waves was designed by PennDOT and created with custom formliners from Architectural Polymers. The design concept is to commemorate the history between the citizens of Philadelphia and the Delaware River.

LOCATION Philadelphia, PA
LEAD ARchitect The Neel Company
Precaster Oldcastle Precast

Schlicher’s Bridge

As one of seven covered bridges in the Lehigh Valley, Schlicher's Bridge spans the Jordan Creek at 116 feet in length. Surrounded by the Game Preserve, it is commonly referred to as the "deer pen bridge" where deer are often seen grazing.

LOCATION Trexlertown, PA
LEAD ARchitect Larson Design Group
Completed 2015

Virginia DOT

The 1.5 mile Nimmo Parkway connector project aimed to improve traffic congestion connects the Nimmo Parkway with Holland Road and General Booth. The designs selected by the VDOT depict the seashore, farmland, mountain and other signature Virginia landscapes.

The $28 million Princess Anne Road project widened the road to a four-lane roadway. The VDOT specified a brick and mortar design to complement the nearby VA Beach Municipal Center.

Sound barrier walls were critical for both projects to protect the neighboring Virginia Beach residents from the anticipated increased traffic noise.

Precaster Smith-Midland
Completed 2014

Council Bluffs Interstate

Working with an Aesthetics Subcommittee representing key stakeholders in Council Bluffs and the State of Iowa, HDR created the design for the precast concrete walls featuring a simple rolling hill theme reflecting the Loess Hills. The contractor, Hawkins Construction Company, worked with precaster American Concrete Products to further develop the design. Utilizing custom elastomeric formliners from Architectural Polymers, the rolling hill design featured five different textures including Medium Sand Finish, Bush Hammered, Fractured Stone, Tree Bark and M&R Modified. The combined effect of both texture and color ensures the design is easily recognizable from all viewing angles, including that of the driver.

LOCATION Pottawattamie County, IA
LEAD ARchitect HDR
Precaster American Concrete Products Co.
Completed 2014

Oxbow Bridge

The Ohio State University and Athens city officials teamed up with contractors, designers and the Ohio Department of Transportation to redesign the historic bridge. Local architecture firm Panich and Noel designed two custom murals on the abutments beneath the bridge. The first mural represents the Marietta to Cincinnati Railroad. The second shows the Hocking River, wildlife, the original bridge (from 1870) and the Athens Asylum. The contractor, Shelly and Sands worked with Architectural Polymers to create the custom formliner.

LEAD ARchitect Panich & Noel Architects
Completed 2014

Texas State Highway Loop 250

Pohopoco Creek Bridge

The Jim Thorpe Memorial Bridge over the Lehigh River was originally constructed in 1953 and rehabilitated in 1976. After being ruled structurally deficient, plans began for a replacement. The new bridge, currently under construction, will be twice as wide as the existing bridge, to handle the increased traffic averaging over 9,500 vehicles per day. The new bridge will be named for Sgt. Andrew J. Baddick, a Jim Thorpe soldier killed in Iraq, who grew up along the Lehigh River and served as a river guide before joining the military.

The PATPC bridge over Pohopoco Creek construction project is part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s plan to rebuild and modernize more than 600 miles of interstate highway and mainline structures. Originally constructed in 1957, the existing bridge carries an average of 30,000 vehicles per day. The new bridge, being constructed within 20 feet of the existing bridge, will include two lanes in each direction and two shoulders. The general contractor, Walsh Construction, designed the new bridge to be in harmony with the Pocono Mountains’ environment. This precast concrete alternative saved the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission a few million dollars over the original steel girder design.

The Freemansburg Avenue bridge over PA 33 will increase from five lanes to eight lanes, including some turning lanes and widened ramps. The widening project will help the area prepare for the construction of 837 new homes and 140,000 square feet of commercial space as well as a new St. Luke’s Anderson campus.

LOCATION Lehighton, PA
Precaster New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.

US 27 Polk County

Architectural Polymers used CAD/CAM systems to transform sound barrier walls into concrete art. They started with a rough design concept and created a simple 2D sketch. Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, they turned the 2D sketch into a 3D rendering. Upon approval of the 3D rendering, they applied CAD/CAM technology to translate the model into numerical code to be processed by a 3D CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine. The CNC, an automated computer-controlled 3D router, then created the design in the architectural formliner.

Showcasing the orange and orange blossom, which are representative of Florida, the sound barrier walls became more than just a functional component of the project.

LOCATION Polk County, FL
Precaster Concrete Impressions of Florida, Inc.
Completed 2014

Butte des Morts Causeway Opening

Butte des Morts Causeway Opening

Big Lake Butte des Morts is an 8,800-acre (36 km2) lake located in Wisconsin and is part of the Winnebago Pool (also known as the Winnebago System). Originally opened in 1955, the Lake Butte des Morts Causeway recently received an upgrade. To better accommodate increasing traffic volumes on highway 41, WisDOT built a new, eight-lane crossing created by widening the existing structure to the west. The new causeway will provide increased safety and stability.

The Lake Butte des Morts Causeway was identified as an opportunity to celebrate the culture and history of the state's diverse Native American tribes. WisDOT received input from the eleven federally recognized Native American tribes of Wisconsin. Custom produced architectural formliners from Architectural Polymers were used on the parapets, abutments and piers to help identify this diversity. See Website photos.

Architectural stain was used to enhance the custom graphics.

The Causeway opened in June on time and under budget.

LOCATION Wisconsin
Completed 2013

Ft. Myers

Architectural Polymers® employed its custom mold manufacturing skills to give the arriving tourists a fresh view of the lesser known identity of Sanibel Island. 3D Graphics were generated and carved by CadCam process.

Staining was added as a final effect to enhance the subject matter.

LOCATION Sanibel Island, FL
Precaster Oldcastle Precast
Completed 2013

Cacolico Creek

Precaster Mar-Allen Concrete

Goose Creek

LOCATION Chester County, PA
Precaster Faddis Concrete

State Street

LOCATION Mertztown, PA

Walnut Drive

LOCATION Northampton County, PA

PA Turnpike Bridges

Precaster Faddis Concrete

14th Street Viaduct


Dresher & Meeting House Road

Precaster Faddis Concrete

Parryville Bridge

LOCATION Parryville, PA
Precaster Clearwater Construction
Completed October 2009

I-70 Bridge/ Cofferdam

Precaster Schuykill Products
Completed 2006

Hubbard’s Bridge

LOCATION Monmouth County, NJ
LEAD ARchitect T & M Associates
Precaster Marbro Inc.
Completed 2020

Jim Thorpe Memorial Bridge

Precaster Allan A. Myers, LP
Completed 2016

I-75 Lima, OH

Precaster Mack Industries
Completed 2007

Cattle Drive Mural

Precaster Reinforced Earth
Completed 2017

Pennsylvania Turnpike, Valley Forge Road

LOCATION Pennsylvania Turnpike, Chester Co., Pa
Precaster American Infrastructure
Completed November 2009

Niagara University Privacy Wall

Precaster Faddis Concrete
Completed December 2009

Baltimore-Washington Parkway

Precaster Hanson Precast
Completed 1995

Western Monmouth Utilities Authority (WMUA)

Waterloo Region Courthouse

LOCATION Ontario, Canada
Precaster RES Precast
Completed 2015

St. Mary’s Catholic School & Church

Dakota Prairie Elementary School

First Baptist Church

A majority of the 275,000 square foot facility’s exterior facade on the east, west and south exposures features a pre-insulated, custom-designed precast concrete wall system. The precaster, Gate Precast worked with Beck Architecture to develop the precast concrete wall system. The design features a basket weave pattern in light buff with a medium sandblast finish created with custom elastomeric formliners by Architectural Polymers. The thermally-resistive precast concrete material is not only cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing; it provides an energy efficient solution that protects the structure from the harsh Texas sun.

Visit Architectural Polymers at the 2014 PCI Convention at Booth #312.

LEAD ARchitect The Beck Group
Precaster Gate Precast
Completed 2013

National Guard – Mead Training Center

Willow Creek Elementary

LOCATION Fleetwood, PA
Precaster High Concrete Technologies, Springboro, OH
Completed 2009

Tilden Elementary

Precaster High Concrete Group, Denver, PA
Completed 2008

Hastings Middle School

LEAD ARchitect The Clark Enersen Partners
Precaster Concrete Industries
Completed 2007

Claremont Tower FBI Headquarters

LEAD ARchitect EE & K Architects
Precaster Universal Concrete
Completed 2003

Con Edison

LEAD ARchitect The Switzer Group, Inc.
Completed 2006

Nancy Hill Elementary School

LEAD ARchitect StudioGC Architecture
Precaster Henry Brothers Construction
Completed 2017

Valencia College

LEAD ARchitect DLR Group
Precaster Skanska Construction
Completed 2017

Museum of the American Revolution

LOCATION Philadelphia, PA
LEAD ARchitect Robert A. M. Stern Architects
Precaster INTECH Construction
Completed 2017

Cattle Drive Mural

Precaster Reinforced Earth
Completed 2017

James F Battin Courthouse

LEAD ARchitect NBBJ Architects
Precaster Gage Brothers
Completed 2012

Half Moon Bay Elementary School

LOCATION Ottawa, ON Canada
LEAD ARchitect N45 Architecture, Inc.
Precaster SiteCast Construction
Completed 2016

SouthSide Early Childhood Center

LEAD ARchitect Oculus Inc.
Precaster Fenix Construction Company
Completed 2021

Holdrege Elementary School

LEAD ARchitect DLR Group
Precaster Enterprise Precast Concrete
Completed 2015

Henderson-Hopkins Elementary School

LOCATION Baltimore, MD
LEAD ARchitect Rogers Partners
Precaster Metromont
Completed 2014

Flight 93 Memorial

LOCATION Stoystown, PA
LEAD ARchitect Paul Murdoch Architects
Precaster Leonard S. Fiore, Inc.
Completed 2002

Cornell University – NCRE

LEAD ARchitect ikon.5 architects
Precaster Metromont
Completed 2022

Park Chelsea

LOCATION Washington, D.C.
LEAD ARchitect Esocoff & Associates
Precaster Arban Precast Stone, LTD
Completed 2015

Sugar Hill Development

LEAD ARchitect David Adjave
Completed 2014

Mercy Joplin Hospital

The new $345 million Mercy Joplin Hospital features precast concrete exterior cladding, concrete roofs with hurricane-grade penthouses and high-impact glass secured by the precast concrete. The precaster, Enterprise Precast Concrete, Inc., used Versa-Brix® M from Architectural Polymers to create the strong visual facade that offered the necessary levels of storm resistance.

LEAD ARchitect HKS Inc.
Precaster Enterprise Precast Concrete, Inc.
Completed 2015

Cleveland Medical Mart

LMN Architects designed the Global Center to complement the historic context and surrounding area while highlighting the contemporary high-tech marketplace. They selected precast concrete for the exterior facade not only for its custom design capabilities, but also for its speed in manufacturing and installation. LMN worked closely with the precaster, Sidley Precast, to develop a facade that mimics the tone of limestone while offering fine details that would appear in various lighting conditions. Utilizing custom formliners from Architectural Polymers, the design is noted to resemble the twisting helices of a DNA molecule.

The Global Center for Health Innovation occupies 235,000 square feet adjacent to the Cleveland Convention Center with four floors featuring distinct medical themes. Each floor includes space that is rented by major medical manufactures. The first floor is the Patient Home floor where University Hospital, Cleveland Clinic and MetroHealth showcase current technologies for patient safety at home. The second floor is dedicated to People, Patients and Caregivers with GE Healthcare, Cardinal Health and Cisco. The third floor features Phillips Healthcare and Siemens with a focus on devices and technologies that enhance the clinical experience. The fourth floor is occupied by health IT group HIMSS who plans to use it as an interoperability testing center.

LOCATION Cleveland, OH
LEAD ARchitect LMN Architects
Precaster Sidley Precast Group
Completed 2014

Delta Dental

LOCATION Naperville, IL
LEAD ARchitect Ryan Companies
Precaster Lombard Architectural Precast Company

Summit Woods II

LOCATION Cincinnati, OH
LEAD ARchitect Regus Properties
Precaster High Concrete Technologies, Springboro, OH
Completed 2006

Kemper Point Office

LOCATION Cincinnati, OH
LEAD ARchitect Regus Properties
Precaster High Concrete Technology
Completed 2007

Blue Ash Office Complex

LOCATION Cincinnati, OH
LEAD ARchitect SFA Architects
Precaster High Concrete Technology, Springboro, OH
Completed 2007

Honey Creek Office Complex

LOCATION Milwaukee, WI
LEAD ARchitect Opus Corporation & Architecture
Completed 2004


LOCATION Charlotte, NC
LEAD ARchitect LS3P Associates
Precaster Metromont
Completed 2021

Mercy Health West Hospital

LOCATION Cincinnati, OH
Precaster High Concrete Group LLC
Completed 2013

Merrill Lynch

LEAD ARchitect Frank Banisch at Banisch Associates, Inc.
Precaster Universal Concrete
Completed 2000

Atwater Office Complex

Precaster Universal Concrete
Completed 2002

Riddle Hospital Parking Garage

Precaster Nitterhouse Concrete

Wyeth Parking Deck

LOCATION Collegeville, PA
Precaster High Concrete Group, Denver, PA
Completed 2002

Lancaster Newspaper

LOCATION Lancaster, PA
Precaster High Concrete Group, Denver, PA
Completed 2009

Matlock Street

LOCATION West Chester, PA
Precaster High Concrete Group, Denver, PA
Completed 2004

Municiple Parking Garage

LOCATION Downer's Grove, IL
Precaster High Concrete Technologies, Paxton, IL
Completed 2004

Boston Logan International Airport

LEAD ARchitect Fennick McCredie Architecture
Precaster Blakeslee Prestress, Inc.
Completed 2013

Saint Joseph’s University Bookstore & Parking Garage

LOCATION Philadelphia, PA
LEAD ARchitect Burt Hill Architects
Completed 2007

Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children

LOCATION Wilmington, DE
LEAD ARchitect Tim Haas & Associates
Precaster High Concrete Group, LLC
Completed 2006

Harrah’s Casino

LOCATION Atlantic City, NJ
LEAD ARchitect Walker Parking Consultants
Precaster High Concrete Group, LLC
Completed 2007

Hershey Intermodal Transportation Center

LEAD ARchitect Buchart Horn Associates
Precaster Architectural Precast Inc.
Completed 2005

DelGrosso’s Amusement Park

Precaster PennStress, a division of MacInnis Group, LLC

Polsinelli Headquarters & Hotel Sorella

As both tenants plan to remain in the building for a long time, the materials selected and long-term lifecycle costs were a key concern. Precast concrete quickly became an obvious choice not only for its durability but also because it offered a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution.

Polsinelli Headquarters and Hotel Sorella

The precaster, Enterprise Precast, used a custom Italian-style formliner from Architectural Polymers to create the light white, acid-etched concrete facade. The liner was used with 6" panels and features an intricate infill pattern.

LOCATION Kansas City, MO
LEAD ARchitect 360 Architecture
Precaster Enterprise Precast Concrete, Inc.
Completed 2013

Crate & Barrel Distribution

LOCATION Cranberry, NJ
Precaster Fabcon
Completed 2003


LOCATION Wentzville, MO
Precaster Fabcon
Completed 2007

La Maison Simons

LOCATION Ontario, Canada
LEAD ARchitect Lemay Michaud
Precaster RES Precast
Completed 2015

Dollar General

LEAD ARchitect Leo Daly Architects
Precaster Metromont
Completed 2013

Mulberry Soho NY

LEAD ARchitect Shop Architects
Precaster Saramac Precast
Completed 2009

Home Depot – 3D Trees

LOCATION State College, PA
LEAD ARchitect The Home Depot
Precaster Fabcon Precast
Completed 2008

South of Market

LEAD ARchitect Boston Properties
Precaster High Concrete Structures
Completed 2008

Target – Speedway, KS

LEAD ARchitect KKE Architects
Precaster Fabcon
Completed 2006

Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre

LOCATION Toronto, Canada
Precaster RES Precast
Completed 2015

Pinnacle Bank Arena

LEAD ARchitect BVH Architects
Precaster Concrete Industries, Inc.
Completed August 2013

Franklin Central High School Stadium

LOCATION Indianapolis, IN
Precaster High Concrete Technologies
Completed 2004

Citizens Bank Park

LOCATION Philadelphia, PA
LEAD ARchitect Ewing Cole Cherry Brott & HOK Sport
Precaster Universal Concrete
Completed April 2004

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