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Need help finding which product fits your needs? Take a look at our product videos and demonstrations for helpful information on how Architectural Polymers can help you with your next precast, tilt-up and cast-in-place concrete project. Architectural Polymers is also proud to offer continuing education through our lunch and learn series. Call 610.824.3322 or fill out the form below, and a sales representative will reach out to schedule.

Educational Overview

Architectural Polymers’ superior concrete form liners and brick inlay systems can help you make your architectural concepts a reality. We have the technology and experience to maintain design integrity while offering advanced construction methods. From large projects requiring repetitive brick veneer patterns to small, customized cast-in-place jobs, we have solutions to meet your individual needs. Let us assist you from the launch of your project through completion in order to achieve optimal aesthetic design and quality construction.

Check out this video to see what AP has to offer: Architectural Polymers – YouTube

AIA Continuing Education Lunch and Learn

We know you’re busy. But your staff still needs to fulfill their continuing education requirements. Scheduling a Lunch & Learn with APFormliner can be a convenient way to help your staff full-fill their annual hours. Schedule a free in-office Lunch & Learn and APFormliner will bring in lunch for your firm and deliver an AIA registered continuing education course at a designated time. To get started, fill out the form below.

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Form Liner Basics

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