Architectural Polymers

Virginia DOT

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) recently completed two sizable projects showcasing over 100,000 square feet of sound barrier walls. Smith-Midland, the precaster for both projects, worked with Architectural Polymers to develop the custom formliners featuring designs specified by the VDOT.

Precaster Smith-Midland
Completed 2014

The 1.5 mile Nimmo Parkway connector project aimed to improve traffic congestion connects the Nimmo Parkway with Holland Road and General Booth. The designs selected by the VDOT depict the seashore, farmland, mountain and other signature Virginia landscapes.

The $28 million Princess Anne Road project widened the road to a four-lane roadway. The VDOT specified a brick and mortar design to complement the nearby VA Beach Municipal Center.

Sound barrier walls were critical for both projects to protect the neighboring Virginia Beach residents from the anticipated increased traffic noise.

Architectural Polymers