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Oxbow Bridge

The Oxbow Bridge in Athens, Ohio was originally constructed in 1931 over the Hocking River and Marietta to Cincinnati railroad line. The original bridge, designed as the first steel plate girder structure in Ohio, held strong for over 80 years with only minor repairs. Noting that these types of bridges typically only have a lifespan of 50 years, it became obvious that a major rehabilitation project was long overdue.

LEAD ARchitect Panich & Noel Architects
Completed 2014

The Ohio State University and Athens city officials teamed up with contractors, designers and the Ohio Department of Transportation to redesign the historic bridge. Local architecture firm Panich and Noel designed two custom murals on the abutments beneath the bridge. The first mural represents the Marietta to Cincinnati Railroad. The second shows the Hocking River, wildlife, the original bridge (from 1870) and the Athens Asylum. The contractor, Shelly and Sands worked with Architectural Polymers to create the custom formliner.

Architectural Polymers