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13th January 2023

Versa-Brix® Thin Brick In-Lay Systems

Architectural Polymers offers a Thin Brick Inlay solution for you!
  • A variety of patterns can be formed with Versa-Brix® systems that combine brick-clad forming flexibility with low cost advantages.
  • Utilize Versa-Brix® Multi-Use for large square footage Precast concrete projects.
  • Use Versa-Brix® Single-Use for your Tilt-Up concrete and non-repetitive Precast designs.
  • For historically sensitive projects, the Versa-Brix® Antique can provide the look of antique brick with “tumbled” thin brick.
  • Create a unique look with Versa-Brix® 3-D which gives an irregular effect that adds character to brick-clad concrete panels.
  • Cast thin masonry products into pre-cast concrete building systems with attractive Versa-Brix® Versa Block.
  • Versa-Brix® Vertical is a cost-effective solution for Cast-In-Place and Vertical Precast concrete projects.
  • The new Versa-Brix® Single Use Gasket system features sandy textured joints that lock and seal brick in place. The Versa-Brix® S Gasket form liner will significantly reduce concrete leakage to the brick face, ultimately saving clean-up time and money.

We also offer an assortment of thin brick textures and colors from quality thin brick manufacturers such as Metro®, Summitville®, Endicott®, General Shale®, Röben®, and Hebron®.

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