Architectural Polymers

US 27 Polk County

The recent expansion project for US 27 in Polk County, Florida included two additional lanes of traffic, resurfaced roadways, new highway lighting and sound barrier walls.

Sound barrier walls guard the city of Clermont from highway noise, but people were still concerned about the visual impact of concrete walls. Concrete Impressions of Florida, Inc. worked with Architectural Polymers to combine Ashlar Stone with a design that would represent the local community.

LOCATION Polk County, FL
Precaster Concrete Impressions of Florida, Inc.
Completed 2014

Architectural Polymers used CAD/CAM systems to transform sound barrier walls into concrete art. They started with a rough design concept and created a simple 2D sketch. Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, they turned the 2D sketch into a 3D rendering. Upon approval of the 3D rendering, they applied CAD/CAM technology to translate the model into numerical code to be processed by a 3D CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine. The CNC, an automated computer-controlled 3D router, then created the design in the architectural formliner.

Showcasing the orange and orange blossom, which are representative of Florida, the sound barrier walls became more than just a functional component of the project.

Architectural Polymers