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Council Bluffs Interstate

The Council Bluffs interstate reconstruction project in Iowa raised concerns with local Pottawattamie County residents. When plans determined that the I-29/80 subdivision would expand to 12 lanes in spots, highway noise became a key concern for homeowners in the area. The Iowa Department of Transportation commissioned architecture firm HDR to develop an aesthetics master plan to include noise barrier walls.

LOCATION Pottawattamie County, IA
LEAD ARchitect HDR
Precaster American Concrete Products Co.
Completed 2014

Working with an Aesthetics Subcommittee representing key stakeholders in Council Bluffs and the State of Iowa, HDR created the design for the precast concrete walls featuring a simple rolling hill theme reflecting the Loess Hills. The contractor, Hawkins Construction Company, worked with precaster American Concrete Products to further develop the design. Utilizing custom elastomeric formliners from Architectural Polymers, the rolling hill design featured five different textures including Medium Sand Finish, Bush Hammered, Fractured Stone, Tree Bark and M&R Modified. The combined effect of both texture and color ensures the design is easily recognizable from all viewing angles, including that of the driver.

Architectural Polymers