Architectural Polymers

Architectural Formliners

Architectural Polymers’ form liners are widely regarded as the most quality-oriented and detailed product for concrete architectural surface treatment. Cost effective and environmentally friendly, Architectural Polymers’ form liners are made of elastomeric-urethane and guaranteed for 100 uses while ensuring precise texture and detail every time. ABS for 2-4 uses, and HIPS for a single use are also available in a growing number of standard textures for use with cast-in-place, tilt-up, and pre-cast applications. Standard textures are available in Stone, Fractured, Wood, Rhythmic, Flat, and Masonry patterns. Our catalog features over 75 patterns – many of these are available in standard size pieces (4’ x 8 or 4’ x 10’) with short lead time.
Architectural Polymers also specializes in custom form liners used in public arts projects, precast retaining walls, and highway walls.