Tilt Up

Solutions for Tilt-Up – Beautiful and Economical
Architectural Polymers offers optimal solutions for your Tilt-Up construction needs including two different grade quality form liners for large projects including single use High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and 2-5 use Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).  Combine the low-cost option of our form liners with concrete stains resulting in a beautiful structure with the depth and dimension of real stone.  We also offer custom thermoforming for your smaller individual needs and Versa-Brix® S for your single use Tilt-Up Thin Brick applications.

We also recommend our Versa-Brix® Single-Use Brick Inlay System for your single-use Thin Brick Tilt-Up applications:
- Modular, lightweight polystyrene sheets include an overlapping feature on the edge points for fast installation.
- Versa-Brix® Single-Use is a sustainable building material
- Low-cost system
- Our customer service team will help with arranging thin brick materials and form liner delivery
- The Versa-Brix® S Gasket form liner will significantly reduce concrete leakage to the brick face, ultimately saving clean-up time and money.Our variety of HIPS Cast-In-Place Stone Textures and Concrete Stain are a perfect combination for your Tilt-Up projects.
- Our economical HIPS materials are also green building products that are manufactured from post-consumer reground materials.  They can be used to acquire LEED points and are sustainable building materials.  
- Architectural stains provide realistic color to textured concrete, from natural looking stone and wood variations to vibrant graphic colors without the long term maintenance or cost of using real wood or stone.

We offer an assortment of textures and colors from quality thin brick manufacturers like Metro®, Summitville® Tile, Endicott® Clay, Röben and General Shale.

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