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4th April 2023

Thin Brick Form Liner

Cornell North Campus Thin Brick formliner - full shot

A thin brick form liner is a modern-day mason.  It is a type of form liner used in the precast concrete industry to make precast concrete panels that look like traditionally laid brick by holding a thin brick in coursing until it can be securely cast into a concrete panel.

Thin clay units are usually manufactured by clay companies for this purpose.

The thin brick form liner can be made of reusable flexible urethane or single use plastic. Various sizes, textures and brick patterns can be achieved.  Thin bricks are put in the form liner, which is then transferred to the surface of the concrete as it sets.

The result is a precast concrete component with real brick that requires less maintenance than traditional brick walls. Thin brick form liners can be used to make building arches, walls, columns, and many other architectural features.

Thin brick form liners are a popular choice for architects and builders who want to use precast concrete structures with precast concrete, but still have the look of traditional brick. They are also often used to replicate historic buildings or in places where traditional masonry is not economically or logistically feasible.  Another advantage to using thin brick concrete panels is the time saved to completion.

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