Architectural Polymers

Photo Engraved Formliners

Architectural Polymers’ new photo engraved formliners allow you to incorporate unique and beautiful aesthetics in your cast-in-place and precast concrete projects. Almost any image or photograph can be transferred to an elastomeric form liner to create an intricate surface pattern that does not require staining or painting. The finished product will visually transform based on the lighting and perspective creating an evocative experience for the viewer.

Our photo engraved formliners create beautiful products and are easy to use and environmentally friendly. These reusable formliners minimize the amount of waste created with one-time-use molds. They are also made from a flexible material that helps to reduce potential breakage when concrete is separated from the formliner.

Utilize Architectural Polymers’ photo engraved formliners in your next sound wall, building art, memorial, or park concrete project. For more information, please contact regional sales representative.