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31st March 2023

Photo Engraved Form Liner

Photo Engraved Form Liner Sugar Hill, full shot

A type of form liner used in concrete formwork is a photo-engraved form liner. It is a grooved surface that is used to cast shadow and manipulate light, creating patterns from a photograph on concrete. The form liner is made by engraving a high-resolution image into a strong material like polyurethane while creating a master mold. The form liner is cast from the master mold.  The form liner is always a multi-use urethane form liner. This makes it possible for architects and designers to give concrete structures, like retaining walls, bridges, and building facades, a unique look. The photograph on the engraved form liner will be replicated on the surface of the concrete, making a unique and eye-catching design. Photo-engraved form liners can also be used to match the style of an existing building or to make designs with a theme, such as scenes from nature, abstract patterns, or symbols from different cultures.

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