Architectural Polymers

1st August 2023

Introducing the Iconic ConRAC!

Newark Liberty International Airport’s new 2.7 million square foot, financially award-winning ConRAC Solutions consolidated rent-a-car facility is being constructed on a 16.65-acre site, with 2, 703 public parking spaces and 3, 362 rental care spaces to support 10 rent-a-car brands. Ground broke for the project in 2019, with completion of the public parking area in 2021 and the ConRAC in 2023. While not fully completed to date, the exterior and major supporting structures have been finished, proudly as AP designed and created the form liners to help create the iconic facade. The structure will eventually incorporate retail operations with customer wayfinding and traffic circulation, providing vehicle fleet storage and enhanced security, including shared components such as 15 car washes and 54 fueling positions along with vacuum systems, waste management and service bays. For more information on the project, please visit: EWR_Project_Sheet.pdf (

Here are the mock-up photos:


Check out this highlight video of the finished product (2023):

Architectural Polymers