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22nd September 2023

Tumbled Brick: The New Old

Thin Bricks for Precast and Tilt-up Panels come in all shapes and sizes these days, but who doesn’t love the look of old brick? If you are interested in constructing a commercial building with an antiquated look and cannot acquire enough reclaimed bricks for your project, tumbled bricks are the answer!

Tumbled thin bricks are bricks that are mechanically distressed to create a weathered and aged appearance. The manufacturing process involves “roughing up” the brick to create rounded edges and worn surfaces, ultimately creating a timeless and warm look with rustic character – one that mimics the look of old, reused, or handmade brick.

AP can help by providing you with not only the brick but also the form liner to complete your project.

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Tumbled Brick Lines and Products

We offer a variety of tumbled thin brick options. Click on the links for more information.

Roben – Aarhus: Röben® Tonbaustoffe Colors Archives – Architectural Polymers (

General Shale: General Shale® Colors Archives – Architectural Polymers (

Hebron: HEBRON® Archives – Architectural Polymers (

Metrobrick – Vintage: METROBRICK® Vintage Colors Archives – Architectural Polymers (

Versa-Brix® Antique Classic Thin Brick Inlay Systems

Designed for antique aesthetics or historically-sensitive projects, Architectural Polymers’ Versa-Brix® Antique Classic thin brick inlay systems solve the problem of 2-dimensional precast concrete wall systems with unrealistic mortar joints. Versa-Brix® Antique Classic systems feature varied mortar width, textured mortar joints, and varied pocket depths to create the look of antique brick. Versa-Brix® Antique Classic thin brick inlay systems are available in single- and multi-use options for the tilt-up and precast industries.

Please visit Versa-Brix® S Antique Classic Archives – Architectural Polymers ( for available products.

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