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Need help finding which product fits your needs? Take a look at our product videos and demonstrations for helpful information on how Architectural Polymers can help you with your next precast, tilt-up and cast-in-place concrete project.


Product Videos & Demonstrations:

Architectural Polymers’ superior concrete form liners and brick inlay systems can help you make your architectural concepts a reality. We have the technology and experience to maintain design integrity while offering advanced construction
methods. From large projects requiring repetitive brick veneer patterns to small, customized cast-in-place jobs, we have solutions to meet your individual needs. Let us assist you from the launch of your project through completion
in order to achieve optimal aesthetic design and quality construction.


Architectural Polymers offers a Thin Brick Inlay solution for you.
  • A variety of patterns can be formed with Versa-Brix® system which combines brick-clad forming flexibility with low cost advantages
  • Utilize Versa-Brix® Multi-Use for large square footage Precast concrete projects.
  • Use Versa-Brix® Single-Use for your Tilt-Up concrete and non-repetitive Precast designs.
  • For historically sensitive projects, the Versa-Brix® Antique can provide the look of antique brick with “tumbled” thin brick
  • Create a unique look with Versa-Brix® 3-D which gives an irregular effect that adds character to brick-clad concrete panels
  • Cast thin masonry products into pre-cast concrete building systems with attractive Versa-Brix® Versa Block
  • Versa-Brix® Vertical is a cost-effective solution for Cast-In-Place and Vertical Precast concrete projects.
  • The new Versa-Brix® Single Use Gasket system features sandy textured joints that lock and seal brick in place. The Versa-Brix® S Gasket form liner will significantly reduce concrete leakage to the brick face, ultimately saving clean-up
    time and money.

We also offer an assortment of Thin Brick textures and colors from quality thin brick manufacturers such as Metro®, Summitville® Tile, Endicott® Clay and Röben.


Our Form Liners are fabricated to fit your design requirements.
  • Custom and standard form liners offered in various sizes and patterns
  • Our superior customer service can help you plan from the initial stages of your design throughout the completion of your project
  • Architectural Polymers Form Liners are a sustainable building material
Bridge Designers can also take advantage of our concrete form liners and architectural stains:

Architectural Polymers offers various methods for coloring concrete to compliment its form liner textures and patterns. Architectural stains provide realistic color to textured concrete, from natural looking stone and wood variations to
vibrant graphic colors without the high maintenance or cost of using real wood or stone.


  • Design and consultation
  • Standard Pattern Selection for easy integration into any project
  • Engineered scale-drawn pattern sheets to aid with layout
  • Custom patterns and parts by request
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