Architectural Polymers

29th November 2022

Capital Improvements Update

Capital Improvements - AP Form Liners

In 2018, Architectural Polymers (AP) presented a land development plan to improve portions of its 12-acre installation.  The measure was approved by local authorities in January of 2019.

Persisting with this plan through the pandemic, AP is proud to announce the completion of two separate facilities dedicated to inventory storage and supporting operations to thermoformed products, totaling 10,000 s.f.

Improvements completed include a 1.5-acre storage area to support thin brick inventory and additional needs and a large, automated process investment by way of 5-axis CnC technology to improve AP urethane form liner system capabilities.

Construction on the final phase of land development with another 22,000 s.f. manufacturing facility dedicated to sheeted thermoformed products will begin in 2023. AP will have the capacity to support the Precast, Thin Brick, CIP, and Tilt-up concrete industry with an average daily output of 32,000 s.f. per day.  Wow!

Now, more than ever, AP continues to up the expectations of the concrete casting industry and remains the leading all-around form liner and supporting products manufacturer in North America.

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