Solutions for Precast – Efficient and Versatile
Rely on Architectural Polymers' assortment of versatile, cost-efficient and easy-to-use concrete solutions for the many requirements of your Precast projects.  From quality constructed concrete form liners and architectural stains to our Versa-Brix® Brick Inlay Systems, we have a product to meet your Precast needs.     

Utilize the efficient and cost-effective Versa-Brix® Multi-use Thin Brick Inlay Systems for your Precast projects.
- Versa-Brix® Multi-Use is a tough, elastomeric, easy to use modular system manufactured with pre-drilled connection pockets that allow the user to affix to any form with ease in little time.  Versa-Brix® Multi-Use is often shipped to the customer in modular sections that when assembled, reduce the need for cutting and splicing after a form change.
- A superior blend of urethane increases the stability of Versa-Brix® Multi-Use form liners and can allow up to 70 re-uses – this diminishing cost factor can significantly reduce your form liner costs.
- Save time and money by reducing cleanup, set up time, and wax usage.
- Versa-Brix® Multi-Use can be quickly custom manufactured within 3 weeks. If a mold exists for your brick pattern, Versa-Brix® can be shipped almost immediately.

We also recommend our Versa-Brix® Single-Use Brick Inlay System for your single use Thin Brick Precast applications. The new Versa-Brix® Single Use Gasket system features sandy textured joints that lock and seal brick in place. The Versa-Brix® S Gasket form liner will significantly reduce concrete leakage to the brick face, ultimately saving clean-up time and money.

Modular, lightweight polystyrene sheets include an overlapping feature on the edge points for fast installation.
- Versa-Brix® Single-Use is a sustainable building material
- Low-cost system
- Our customer service team will help with arranging thin brick materials and form liner delivery

We offer an assortment of thin brick textures and colors from quality manufacturers like Metro®, Summitville® Tile, Endicott® Clay, Röben and General Shale.

Utilize Architectural Polymers’ concrete form liners, photo engraved form liners and architectural stains as a beautiful, easy to use option for your Precast projects.
- Our photo engraved form liners create beautifully engraved concrete panels and are environmentally friendly.
- We offer three different grade quality form liners for large projects including, single use HIPS, 2-5 use ABS, and 15+ use premium form liners.
- Architectural Polymers offers various methods for coloring concrete to compliment its form liner textures and patterns.  
- We offer design consultation and support throughout your project.
- Custom form liner sizes are available to meet your individual needs.
- Standard or custom pattern and texture selection for easy integration into any project

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