"New" Thermoformed Plastic from Architectural Polymers

Architectural Polymers now manufactures cost-effective, innovative form liner solutions to the tilt-up, cast-in-place and precast industries.  We are proud to announce the ability to supply Standard and Custom Thermoformed Plastic Form Liners with sizes up to 4' x 12' and as much as 16 inches in relief.  This new product line is available in HIPS(High Impact Poly Styrene) and a tougher ABS version.  Thermoformed plastic form liners are ideal for cast-in-place, tilt-up and small square footage precast projects.

We currently stock various DOT approved stone textures including Drystack, Ashlar, Quarry Stones and Spllit Block patterns in 4' x 8' or 4' x 10'.  Stock thermoformed plastic form liners in both HIPS and ABS can be shipped within one week.

The possibillities are endless with custom thermoformed plastic HIPS/ABS form liners.  You can choose from one of our 75+ catalog patterns available, or create your own custom pattern.  We have the ability to custom thermoform any design with up to 16" relief.  Our friendly, knowledgeable team of experts are available to assist you from concept to completion.  Current lead times for custom thermoformed HIPS/ABS form liners are at 4 weeks.

Thermoformed plastic liners furnish designers, owners and contractors with an easy-to-use, economic option that can produce virtually unlimited texture possibilities.

For more information contact your local sales representative.



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