Architectural Polymers Adds Equipment to Improve Concrete Products & the Industry

AP Thermoforming, a subsidiary of Architectural Polymers, has dramatically expanded its capabilities to serve the Industry with the addition of two specific purposed thermoforming machines.

"The Brick-O-Former", a continuous-fed thermoforming machine will be able to produce custom-sized Versa Brix®-S plastic form liner to perfectly fit your chosen bricks.  It is capable of making many different versions of brick patterns and custom systems up to "40 X 32" at affordable costs.

AP Thermoforming Plastic Samples

At its peak, "The Brick-O-Former" will be able to produce thousands of square feet of form liner in a typical 8-hour day, cutting delivery times with a superior product. 

 AP Thermoforming also anxiously awaits the delivery (expected in the next few weeks)  of "The Thermonator".  It is expected to revolutionize the form liner industry with its capacity to produce custom-textured form liners in sizes of up to 6' x 16'.  Stay tuned as we enter the world of larger, custom, plastic form liners fit for Precast, Tilt-up, and Cast-in-Place applications.

AP Thermoforming coupled with Architectural Polymers makes the winning team and a logical single source supplier choice for plastic or elastomeric form liners, and PCI-Tolerance Thin Brick your project requires.

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